How to Avoid Looking Like a Plastic Surgery Disaster

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How to Avoid Looking Like a Plastic Surgery Disaster

Headlines like, 'Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong', 'Have you seen how so and so looks lately?', 'Look at the disaster on this celebrity's face' and many more are very common on gossip magazines.

They are all an indication that as much as people are now placing more emphasis on their looks than ever before, sometimes the results can be devastating. And plastic surgery is no longer a preserve of the rich as was earlier thought. Even middle class individuals now strive to have a procedure of some sort.

It is not true that all procedures performed by qualified board certified surgeons cannot go haywire. At times even the best of surgeons find themselves on the spot for having performed operations that left traumatic scars on patients.

The general public on the other hand, may usually scoff at the victims because they feel sometimes the rich go overboard because of wealth. The elderly keen on maintaining youthful looks are not left behind in the craze. Lara Spencer plastic surgery is just one case in point. At 44, the news anchor is still keen on looking like an adolescent.

Well, here is how to avoid looking like a plastic surgery disaster:

Be sure the surgery is necessary

There is no need seeking a procedure that is not important. While the search for beauty has gone a notch higher because roles in lucrative careers have lots more requirements, the health implications should be primary and beauty secondary.

Get a procedure from a qualified surgeon

It is not a guarantee that a board certified surgeon will always deliver successful results. However, one must limit the chances of having a failed surgery at all costs. After all, tainting one's image because of resorting for cheap surgeries is rather humiliating than staying without one.

Get information

With advanced technology, information can be obtained by the click of a button. Plastic surgery is a major procedure that requires careful decision making. While looking for information, let it be from a trusted source. Not all that is obtained from the internet is accurate.

Avoid too many surgeries

After a successful surgery; many people are keen on having more. Too many surgeries are not healthy for one's life. Medicine is good for health, but too much of it is dangerous to the body. Using painkillers most of the time because of surgeries is a little misplaced, not to mention the implications.

Take enough time to heal

Some plastic surgeries took a turn for the worst because patients did not take sufficient time to recover. Major procedures that take two or more weeks to heal mean that one needs to take plenty of rest during that period.

Follow a surgeon's instructions

Most patients forget to do as instructed by the surgeons. This is very risky. A patient needs to follow a doctor's advice and report any abnormal developments as soon as noticed. This way, a plastic surgery patient will avoid looking like a plastic surgery disaster.