Fall skin care routines for each skin type

Fall skin care routines for each skin type

The skin responds differently to different seasons. With summer gone, the skin may experience breakouts. I know it sounds contradicting from what you may be expecting, but we are likely to encounter breakouts and wrinkles in fall. The reason is that the oil which continuously flow through the skin in the summer will get trapped by the dead cells layer caused by the cooler air. Bacteria and oil are trapped within the skin causing the breakouts; thus we need to upgrade our skin care routines as we approach the fall season.

We all have different skins; dry, oily, normal, sensitive, and combination skins and thus some method may remain intact, but little tweaks are needed. So, let's find out the routines for fall.

Upgrade your cleansing routine

As the summer gives way for fall, the daily wash we use requires assisting in the maintaining the complexity and moisture of the skin. The fall air is cooler and drier thus the cleanser to use should vary on seasons. Gel and Foaming cleanser will be ideal for combination skin. The cleaner we use should change in season as for dry skin, gel and foaming cleanser are not suitable for dry skin will leave the skin dry in fall due to cold air resulting in skin breakouts. For dry skin, I would choose to use the body wash that is sulfate free. They are efficient and do not dry. After cleansing, follow up with a lotion that suits your skin for example free oil hydrating lotion for oily skin.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

In the fall season, we need to moisturize more and more, why? Well, the winter air is different from other summer's air as it comes with cooler dried air. The dry air provides the skin with less hydration and may even withdraw the moisture on your skin especially on a breezy day. For a combination skin, it calls for a different moisturizer. In the fall, a heavier cream will do the trick. Light creams are suitable for the summer season. The heavier will maintain the moisture in the fall season, even for the oily skin type.

Sunscreen is a must.

Most of us have the concept that sunscreens are for summer seasons when the sun is brightly shining. You are wrong. The sun rays still reach the earth even in the fall season. The UVB responsible for burns ad lashes may not reach the surface but the UVA rays that can cause premature aging and skin acne still reaches even in cooler seasons. Skin care protection should be a year-round job. Choose cream that contains SPF to protect you through the fall.

It's time to exfoliate

As said earlier, exfoliation should continue throughout the year, no matter the season. In the autumn, the exfoliation should be kind to keep the skin soft and help maintain its moisture. For a smooth surface, a well-formulated scrub is well applicable. Exfoliation is an essential part of skin care routine in fall as it aids in the removal of the dead layer on the surface of the skin and also unclogs pores. Oil based sugar are the preferred agents in the exfoliation process

Get more facial treatment

The autumn season is busier than the rest of the seasons thus we more prone to stress. Get more treatment and facials to relax you. Stress results to faster aging and wrinkles formation. The facial care products should be chosen based on the skin type, for example, if you have sensitive skin, choose treatment products that are less on glycolic acid as they cause irritation.

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