The emotional benefits of receiving an eye implant

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The emotional benefits of receiving an eye implant

There is a certain perception of what ‘normal' looks like for human beings. Having two eyes and ears, a nose and a mouth is what is the usual facial features of any human. But the second there is a change in this balance, the person is considered ‘different’.

Due to many reasons, some people may lose their eye and this can be a devastating time in their lives. Accident, tumor, end-stage glaucoma, cancer (such as choroidal melanoma, retinoblastoma), uncontrollable infection, unbearable pain in the blind eye or any other serious disease can all lead to the need for removing the eye with a procedure called Enucleation, which is the surgical removal of the complete eye.

An injury or distortion of the face is especially difficult to hide, which is why many patients who have had to remove their eye suffer from psychological problems. Depression and self-image issues become rampant, and they also suffer from low confidence and low self-esteem, due to the fact that their face does not look normal anymore.

With the advancement in prosthetic and cosmetic technology, there is now a state of the art artificial eye replacement available for such people. After the Enucleation procedure, the patient can soon consult with an Ocularist to get a custom-made prosthetic eye created for them specifically.

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These prosthetic eyes are also called artificial eyes, glass eyes or simply ocular prosthesis. While earlier, they were not customized, now patients can get a prosthetic eye that matches their remaining eye exactly. The ocular prosthesis does not restore vision, but it can help in providing a more natural appearance for the patient. They are matched perfectly for size and color in extreme detail so it is actually very difficult for other people to tell that the patient is actually wearing a prosthetic eye at all!

The beauty benefits of getting an ocular prosthesis are plenty as it will help restore the patient’s facial appearance back to normal. As per the emotional benefits of getting a prosthetic eye, the patient can start feeling more confident about themselves again and not have to feel inferior due to losing an eye.

Not having to constantly hide your face, or explain to people what happened to your eye, can be a refreshing change for the person who had to go through this tough ordeal. If you are in this situation, do not think twice about how you will get back to normal. Consulting a good doctor who can help you with an artificial eye can do wonders for your recovery, mentally and physically!

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