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Controlling Broadleaf Weeds with Perfect Leaf Management

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Controlling Broadleaf Weeds with Perfect Leaf Management

Typically, broadleaf weeds are quite easy to determine. They are physically and physiologically different from grasses. That is the reason why it is possible to control these kinds of weeds using selective herbicides without causing any damage to other grasses.

There are numerous kinds of broadleaf weeds and they are categorized depending on their life cycles. Some of these types are as follows:

Annual Weeds

These are generally the simplest to control. It is because they don’t produce extensive below ground vegetative structures that are capable of starting new plant growth. These produce a good deal of seeds, which serve as the source of establishment and infestation when the condition is favorable.

Winter Weeds

These complete their cycle in twelve months but overlap 2 calendar years. These germinate during late summer and start developing during early fall.

Summer Annuals

Their life cycle is also complete within twelve months. They germinate in spring, develop and grow during summer. By fall, they die and produce seeds.

Perennial Weeds

Perennial weeds can germinate from seed, yet produces root structure that may give rise to other new plants. Such root structures may be in the form of bulbs, corns, and tubers.

Biennial Weeds

Biennial plants are flowering plants that take 2 years to complete the life cycle. Typically, the first year consists of stems, leaves, and root growth.

But, no matter what type of broadleaf weed on your lawn, you can be assured that there’s always a way for you to control or get rid of it and this is by relying on Perfect Leaf Management. The company provides a wide variety of services including perimeter pest control, landscape design, fertilization, and core aeration. Managed by state agriculture licensed and certified technician, you can guarantee that you will get results in the end.

What makes Perfect Leaf Management is that it only uses safe and eco-friendly treatments, which are guaranteed to give you ease and convenience. If you want to have a landscape that is one of a kind or you want your lawn to be broadleaf weed-free, then this company can be your best partner. With its expertise and understanding about lawn management, you will surely get the best value of what you have spent and will have the best lawn around your block. All of its services are only available at reasonable prices. So, give them a phone call today and find out how they can improve your lawn!