Best Men's Hairstyles of 2015

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Best Men's Hairstyles of 2015

This article is based on information provided by an excellent men's haircut trends and fashion website: It presents 4 different men's hairstyles of 2015. However, If you're looking for more ideas check out this great selection of 30 best haircuts and hairstyles for boys in 2015. Most men don’t realize how important it is to have a right hairstyle. Unlike women who have plenty of things they can do with their hair, men don’t. The only thing we can do is get a great haircut. However, this is never the case as most men tend to neglect their hair. But why is it important for men to get a good haircut? Taking good care of your hair has the following benefits:

  • It gives you personality and character
  • It gives you a positive outlook on life
  • It shows your attractiveness

So to ensure you have all these qualities we are going to look at some of the best hairstyles that have dominated this year (2015).

1. The Buzz Cut

This haircut is very definitive and is very manlike. It is one of the most requested hairstyles and has been trending for quite some time now. People love it because it is not complicated, and neither is it involving. This hairstyle is suitable for guys who loathe impracticality and are easy going. It is quite elegant and free of chivvy. However, this hairstyle is not for everyone. It mostly works for people with a strong square face. Hence, it would be an exercise of good judgment to consult your stylist before deciding on whether to take the plunge. If this hairstyle suits you, the next step would be determining whether the hair should have a uniform length that is known as a "butch cut" or to have varying lengths across your head which is known as a "crew cut".

2. The Fringe

This hairstyle befits men who have a little more hair that they don't mind playing with. Though many men tend to avoid wearing their hair forward, this style is worth considering as it is slowly becoming a trendsetter. The trick with this hairstyle is to keep it as relaxed as you can. This allows you to run your hands through your hair if the heat gets unbearable.

3. The Slick Back

This is another classic hairstyle that is pretty common with Hollywood celebrities. This slick back hairstyle brings out a sober but nerveless look. It requires the use of a slightly wet dense product that keeps the hair off your face and in place for an entire day. To have your hair slick back properly, ask your stylist to ensure that the sides and back have a middling tight evanesce leaving a good deal of length from the top. For those with really thick hair, they should consider trimming it a bit by point cutting it or using a pair of gaunt scissors so that the hair can be easily rigged.

4. Afro Hair With Disconnected Sides

For those guys who would prefer to keep their hair short and not overly kempt then this is the ideal haircut for you. It is a very easy to style it and to maintain it as well. For you to get this style, then you have to allow your stylist or barber to clip your hair on the sides and at the back. This creates a dramatic demarcation of the hair at the top of your head that is slightly longer that the hair on your sides and back. This style allows you to be even more creative with the hair at the top. You can have it towel dried and rugged, you can have it textured, or you can have it blow dried as well.